#FoodRevolution Day through the eyes of Bucky Box

Celebrating the world wide day of action for better education about Food. Bring on the #FoodRevolution!!


  1. Bucky Box is creating the tools for a better food system. Find out more at buckybox.com
  2. Food Revolution Day is upon us, so in celebration we went roving out and about at the Farmer's Markets, captured some moments, and shared for one and all to see.  You can read all about it here:
  3. The media, celebrities, and the social networks are a'buzz with stories of the inaugural Food Revolution Day!

  4. Why do we need a Food Revolution?

  5. Here's a couple of our favourite videos which tell the story behind this Food Revolution Day.  We hope they give some context as to why this is bigger than all of us, and why we need to rejoice in shaping a better, brighter future.
  6. Jamie Oliver's TED award speech.
  7. Bucky Box catalyses local food
  8. What have YOU got planned for Food Revolution Day?

  9. It's time to take this into our own hands, and get started in this new way of doing.

    Not only were the twittersphere, blogosphere and Jamie's celebrity friends getting excited, but as the day dawned, Foodies all over the world (in 433 cities at last count) came out in force to celebrate Food Revolution Day.  There was electricity in the air as the local food movement linked virtual arms around the world, and came out to support the vision of a better food system & better food education.

    Here's some of our favourite links, tweets, pictures & messages from around the world: