Crowdfunding for Local Food - the StartSomeGood + Bucky Box webinar

A webinar by StartSomeGood and Bucky Box to bring some knowledge and inspiration to Local Food startups around the world, to help get the seed funding to get started.


  1. How do you get the seed money to get your local food enterprise started? 

  2. "crowdfunding is a powerful tool to launch local food startups, allowing you to raise capital and increase awareness of your enterprise in an exciting, community-based way."
  3. After a good buzz online, it was time to get to the pointy end of things!
  4. We know that local food systems are better for the economy, the environment and our communities. Here's a little research into that to remind you why you do what you do!
  5. With people from all over the world on the line between the two webinars, we delved into what makes a great crowdfunding campaign for local food enterprises.
  6. Crowdfunding = Peerfunding. It's not about a faceless crowd waiting to shower you with money, it's about your Peers (friends, family, people who believe in you), your Tribes (people who believe in your idea & what you want to create), and finally Crowds (the mainstream who connect with your project).
  7. It's key to start building your networks of people who want to see your project happen - get them onboard with pledging (even if it's just a little) in the first days...
  8. Crowdfunding is different to traditional fundraising.  You don't just get a badge or a ribbon for giving to a cause. There's a number of reasons why people give to Crowdfunding campaigns, so think hard about what your Rewards will be - start thinking about offering Value to people who pledge, such as your produce once you're up & running!