Dishful Thinking

Whether it's a Hot Fudge Mary Jane from Rennebohm's or those famous guerilla cookies sold at the Mifflin St Co-Op, we want to know: what's the #1 (now-extinct, can't get it anywhere) food or dish that reminds you of your years at University of Wisconsin-Madison?

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  1. ‎3 for $1.00 tacos at the same Rennebohm's lunch counter.
  2. it has to be the HUGE burritos at the Rathskeller. That or the amazing sandwiches at the shop that used to be across from Noodles & CO on State Street (until that huge new performing arts center forced it out).
  3. I just miss rennebohm's.
  4. Chocolate Coyote's spicy hot chocolate icecream!
  5. Gyros at Zorba's by the boat booth.
  6. Tim and I LOVED Hot Fudge Mary Janes!!
  7. The original Dotty Dumplings, Pelmini, Radical Rye, and the Parthenon when Gus managed it and it wasn't nearly $10.
  8. Milano at Milans or beer battered pickles from JT Whitneys
  9. Sandwiches at the Radical Rye!
  10. Cheeseburger and special made Cherry Coke at Meriter Methodist.
  11. Zorbas and the rossino's pizza cart on langdon at 2am (not sure if that's still there or not)
  12. A Grabber from Cellar Subs
  13. i agree with Sean, Cellar Subs still is the best sub I ever had.
  14. pel meni and radical rye
  15. Yup, Zorba's gyros...and the cheeseburger and fries at the Shed on campus. BTW where is the Chocolate Shoppe now?
  16. The donut place that opened in the wee hours of the morning, and the Badger Tavern
  17. Another Rennebohm staple - grilled danish drowning in butter
  18. Radical Rye sandwiches! The bread was soooo amazing!