GHC15: Tuesday/Wednesday Tweet Roundup

  1. Again this year, I was the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Communities Co-Chair. What is that you ask? We manage all things social and interactive: blogs, note taking, wiki, retweeting all the tweets, LinkedIn, reposting on the official app, speed mentoring and lunch time table topics. *whew*
  2. Always working...
  3. A little self-promotion...
  4. Awww!
  5. I love dogs, but not thrilled that "comfort animals" (who have not been bathed recently and who are quite large are allowed to be on laps. When I travel with my cat, she gets a shampoo/wet bath and an allergy bath before the flight, and she stays in her crate under the seat on the plane. I coughed all night :(
  6. Yes, the International Cryptographic Module Conference is not until November, and GHC was first... but ICMC had an earlier deadline :-)
  7. Glad I found a ride share - or it would've been a nearly $90 cab fare! (Did not find my ride on twitter, but rather in the cab line - classic conference money saving tip!)
  8. Ketchup all over the pull up bag handle - placed so I could not see it. Seemed intentional. After waiting for more than 45 minutes for bags, and trying to beat Houston's horrible traffic, I just cleaned it up and left (as opposed to going to the baggage complaint office, so AA did not care)
  9. Found my great ladies! I was tired, stressed and ...tired. They got me to registration and lent a kind ear. SO helpful! My hotel was super far away from the conf center in bad traffic, so I did really appreciate the support.
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