#bsuenglish tweets of the week 10/16/17


  1. This weeks' O Captain My Captain goes to Silas Hansen for reminding students to read outside of their comfort zone.
  2. For this week's What to Write About, we prompted students to think about what they want to do with their English degree.
  3. Audrey Bowers wants to use her degree to teach secondary English. Thanks for writing Audrey!
  4. There are so many opportunities for students during their undergraduate and graduate years. Here are a few:
  5. For example, Cecelia got to attend East Central Indiana Social Media Group's monthly meeting.
  6. Some excellent women of #bsuenglish were nominated to attend the Indiana Women of Achievement Awards.
  7. Rachel was able to Skype with an author in class. How cool is that?!
  8. Tweet of The Week

  9. This week's tweet of the week goes to: Kaitlyn Sumner. Stop by Robert Bell 297 to pick up your free book!
  10. Remember to tweet with the hashtag #bsuenglish to participate in our community and have the chance to win a free book!