#bsuenglish Tweets of the Week 8/28/17

Every Friday, we look back at our week on social media. Join in and use our hashtag: #bsuenglish.


  1. Week 2 is a week of beginnings!

  2. Since we know how much you all love free books, we set up a Little Free Library for all your free reading needs!
  3. Cathy Day and Eilis Wasserman led our first Stars to Steer By of the year! Students studying in the humanities learned about all the options they have for careers.
  4. The good news? Less than 1% of English majors will work in lower-level food service!
  5. We know some of us are already stressed out about our workload...
  6. But trust us, there is hope!
  7. The stress is high, but so is the fashion!
  8. Finally, our Tweet of the Week winner is...

  9. Melissa Jones! Come by RB 297 for your free book!
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