#bsuenglish Tweets of the Week 10/9/17

Every Friday, we look back at our week on social media. Join in and use our hashtag: #bsuenglish.


  1. Some love for the professors and peers this week in #bsuenglish!

  2. Professors are prepping for the #bsuenglish conference!

  3. Professor Cathy Day told us who her favorite lady is for #DayoftheGirl. Scully is pretty great!

  4. Professor Jennifer Grouling letting us meet her favorite high school English teacher, Mrs. Holsapple!

  5. Sometimes, a mother needs to make great sacrifices for her kids... Including shelf space.

  6. And Brittany is now a licensed TEACHER! Congrats! We're so excited for you!

  7. Don't forget, #bsuenglish! We now have prompts for your all your blogging pleasures. Check it out at the department blog!

  8. We have news of a great scholarship for you #studentwriters! We hope you didn't forget to apply!

  9. And for you English Studies students, you should definitely go to this panel this afternoon!

  10. The Tweet of the Week winner is... Karen Koch! Good luck on the manuscript! Come to the English Department Office and grab your new book!

  11. If you like winning new books, and use the #bsuenglish hashtag! We love hearing what you have to say! We also really, really, really want to give you guys some books!!