#bsuenglish Tweets of the Week 9/25/17

Every Friday, we look back at our week on social media. Join in and use our hashtag: #bsuenglish.


  1. The event of the semester: poet Mahogany Browne came to Ball State and rocked the university with her beautiful words.

  2. We welcomed some more of our faculty with #NewFacultyProfiles!

  3. Morgan Leckie...
  4. And Brianna Mauk!
  5. President Mearns and Jennifer, his wife, visited good ol' Robert Bell this week!

  6. Thanks for repping us English majors, President!
  7. Prof. Cathy showed some love to Robert Bell, too!

  8. Some #bsuenglish grad students are teaching some awesome things...

  9. And they're doing a great job! Keep up the good work!
  10. Don't forget to join us at the David Owsley Museum tonight at 7:30! Final Friday is going to be AWESOME!

  11. And now, for the Tweet of the Week... Laurinda Webb! Come on down to the English department for your free book! Thanks for being part of the #bsuenglish community!

  12. Don't forget to use the #bsuenglish hashtag on your tweets so we can give you a free book! We love giving you guys free books for tweeting fun things!!