BSU English Tweets of the Week 9/18/17

Every Friday, we look back at our week on social media. Join in and use our hashtag: #bsuenglish.


  1. We even have some of our professors involved in the #bsuenglish fun! Hope the cat pictures works in your student's favor!
  2. Here are some fun things for you #bsuenglish writers to look into!
  3. Especially those of you graduating this year...
  4. You're right, Erin! Scratch someone's back, they might even scratch yours!
  5. We're experimenting with different blogging topics. You should too! Check out our blog this week for more topics on your blogs!
  6. Prof. Cathy Day wrote about being a first-generation college student...
  7. And Kaitlyn Sumner wrote about how her family's needs affected her choice of major...
  8. We welcomed two new faculty this week, too!
  9. There are events coming up that you should definitely come to! Knowledge is power. Use it wisely.

  10. And for the winner of Tweet of the Week... Brittany Sylvia! Come by the English Department and grab your new book!