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30 pieces of advice to #bsuenglish English majors and graduate students

The things you should know but that often go unsaid. So: we said them.


  1. The same goes for male professors. Don't call them "Mr." Call them Professor or Dr. Basically, you just shouldn't address a professional woman according to her marital status. Or assume marital status. Period.

  2. #9 proved to be a very popular tweet today....

  3. #13 was a tweet about seeking treatment if you struggle with depression or anxiety. Because many English majors do! You might need to be under a doctor's care to manage the stress of work and life. Seek treatment now, while you're in school, because once you graduate, life might get harder.

  4. We deleted the tweet because we decided maybe we were being too alarmist. :-)
  5. That was supposed to be "Not the way you're thinking, anyway." Sorry. We were doing all this on a phone on our first cup of coffeee.