Kees van Dijkhuizen - Prince of Montages

The videos of a young master in year-end video montages.


  1. Can you believe he was 15 when he made this??? Clearly this boy has skills.
  2. Cinema 2009 has 900K+ hits thats a big jump from the 80K of Cinema 2008! 
  3. Fox Searchlight pictures was so impressed with Kees work they commissioned him to do a 15 year montage of the videos.
  4. 15 Years of Fox Searchlight
  5. His latest masterpiece for the films of 2010 [Cinema 2010] has just been released. Even though there are 2 other great year-end compilation videos from Gen IP entitled Filmography 2010 and Mathew Shapiro's 2010: The Cinemascape competing for youtube views.
  6. Interview with Kees Van Dijkuizen on the making of Cinema 2010. Some of the questions he answers include: 
    - Where he is from
    - What's he pulls his footage from
    - How does he decide which movies to use
    - How does he decide on music
    - Talks about the process he goes through for making the montages
    - Many more topics...