Theory and Practice in the #TalonsRev

As one of the culminating activities in the TALONS classes' study of the French Revolution approached, the unit's role playing avatars took to Twitter to request an extension.


  1. Perhaps believing her time to live during the revolution was drawing short, Madame Roland spoke out on behalf of her colleagues. 
  2. The TALONS had had a busy weekend, with Adventure Trip practice hikes at Buntzen Lake and kayaking certification at Rocky Point, and the prospect of having an extra day to prepare for the unit role-play's Final Address recieved a popular show of support. 
  3. Members of the Girondists and other supporters of the revolution quickly took to the progressive cause. 
  4. As did suburban youths studying the revolutionary period: 
  5. But then even Napoleon's wife was a supporter: 
  6. As was British philosopher and writer Edmond Burke: 
  7. And Scottish courtesan Grace Elliot: 
  8. More millennial suburban youth:
  9. Within minutes, and in a demonstration of unprecedented bipartisanship, the crowd had grown to include Jean Paul Marat's assassin Chalotte Corday, as well as the royal couple of Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI, and the philosopher/mathematician Marquis de Condorcet.  
  10. Notable French actress and contributor to the revolution Claire Lacombe joined the fray with the politician, engineer and mathematician Lazare Carnot.