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    After the surprising Huniepop , Huniepot is back with a new game taking up a good part of the original cast of Huniepop but with a new rather dubious character design. Exit also the complex puzzle game and well done and welcome as it should a game of Time Management in which we will have to manage a business charm around a studio naughty Webcams. It will be necessary to recruit girls for money, train them and ensure that they lack nothing in the matter of alcohol and cigarettes!

    The game begins quietly with a tutorial rather well done and that basically explains the mechanics that we will have to master. So you have to manage a squad of exhibitionists of all types and styles, make them win fans via naughty photo shoots and earn money via Webcam sessions. The classics of the genre include managing cash receipts and expenses, improving girls' skills, stressing girls through a relaxing sauna, and recruiting fresh flesh to fuel fan fantasies .

    HunieCam Studio makes it possible to manage its business by placing the girls in buildings that resume the activities proposed by the game namely shooting, Webcam sessions, recruitment via an agency, buying naughty objects, repairing sauna, The supermarket and the liquor store. There is also a hotel of pass that makes it possible to earn money fast enough but at the risk of catching an STD to its daughters, these diseases can be treated by medicines but they can prevent the girls from carrying out certain activities during the time Of healing. Boring for a clean business but fun because there are quite a few MST to unlock!

    The game is quite simple to take in hand but it proves quite fast difficult to master during the first games. We are quickly overwhelmed by all that there is to do and we find ourselves making bad choices in the recruitment according to the abilities of the girls to attract certain types of fans. It is necessary to manage both her daughters but also what fans want in specialties like MILF, Asians and other characteristics unique to girls. The girls need alcohol and cigarettes or drugs to calmly do their job and it will be necessary to manage the stock under penalty of seeing his business collapse under stress and fatigue.

    Fortunately it is possible to buy various and varied objects such as condoms that avoid STDs, antibiotics that treat them for 3 days ingame or other sextoys that will grant bonuses and other improvements to the girls who will inherit the said objects . Some serve only once while others may last a whole game. We also need to manage improvements to our infrastructure such as more space in buildings at a time, more money earned per Webcam session, or the possibility of recruiting another girl knowing that we can have up to 'To 8 girls in her business.

    HunieCam Studio does not forget the clickers enthusiasts and it proposes to us to accelerate the activities if one clicks quickly on a building to accelerate the process that it is to carry out the said activity or to collect the hard earned by girls. Note however that you can let the mouse press to do the same. Girls deserve a salary, it will depend on the girls' ability to attract the barge and improvements (2) that can be attributed to girls for a few hours spent at the school of Pole Dancing or Shopping. So we have to use good girls according to requests in fans. You can also advertise to attract fans to the competition, strategic you are told!

    You will have to survive 21 days (finishing 2 consecutive days in a deficit will lead to a Game Over) and try to amass as many fans as possible to get a score, if you are null like me, you should inherit a trophy Bronze or worse. We will particularly appreciate the phallic form of the said trophy, class! At each end of the game, we collect a special currency that will allow us to buy new clothes and other hairstyles. What to spend a lot of hours of game if you really want everything unlocked!

    At the level of the realization, the game does not require a very big configuration and it runs correctly on a correct machine. The music was mistaken for the one we could hear in Huniepop , we would have liked a music more focused porn cheap movie of the 90s to be in the mood. HunieCam Studio has great intelligence not to push the sexy plug too far, there is not really matter to paul in this game. There is nothing shocking or extremely sexy as was the case for the Previous game. The game is amused by this fact and it does everything to amuse without necessarily that one takes the lead.

    HunieCam Studio is a nice little game that does not break 3 sescs to a duck but that manages to amuse a few hours at a small price and that is the essential. The simulation part is well done, the background is original and we take the game fairly quickly. The achievements will push us to spend 6-7 hours on the game to unlock as many girls possible but also the best wardrobe possible! Steam cards are part and they are worth a good price for the moment unless you have no luck like me and you unlock 5 times the same card

    If you liked Huniepop , I advise you to buy HunieCam Studio but do not expect miracles, it is a funny game but still limited and surly after a few hours.


    In HunieCam Studio players take control of a sleazy cam girl operation. Rake in stacks of filthy internet as well as as many disgusting fans as you can in this fast paced, click happy and thoroughly perverted take on the business tycoon / management sim like!

    Recruit cam models from an eclectic cast of cuties. Manage your girls' daily errands / activities to keep them stress-free and productive. Invest in various aspects of your business to improve functions and expand operations. Optimize your girlfriend / girlfriend / girlfriend. Abandon your morals and disappoint everybody who cares about you!