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League Of Legends PBE Download

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  1. To download League Of Legends PBE, click on the link below:
  2. The Public Beta Environment is a server with restricted access where the innovations developed by Riot Games are tested by the players.
  3. For the knowledge of all invokers, I will then provide basic information regarding the PBE.

    What is PBE?
    Public Beta Environment (Beta Public Environment) is a special server where the champions, aspects and new functions are tested before being published in the official servers of each region.
    It is a server whose purpose is that the invokers who enter to test can report errors and in this way give solution to them.

    Do I get RP / PI in the PBE?
    Yes, within the PBE, weekly (usually on Sunday afternoons / evenings) they deliver 4,000RP and 10,000PI to all invokers so they can acquire champions, aspects and functionalities.
    Initially, once the account is created, You will automatically be level 30 and have an initial bonus of 4,000RP and 10,000PI. If they enter the PBE and see that they are not level 30, please wait 10 minutes and re-enter the PBE.
    When champions and new aspects come out, they have a cost of 10RP for a limited time, to facilitate access to all.
  4. Does the PBE Client installation affect the LAN Client?
    No, it does not modify any files or settings. The computer treats it as a totally different game.

    Add that normally when a campéon, aspect or new function leaves, they will be able to experience long waits when trying to enter the Server PBE, this is because many players of the world try to enter simultaneously.