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Recap of Cummings Middle School shooting

We've pulled together all the Herald articles, along with some staff Tweets, related to the shooting of 15-year-old Jaime Gonzalez Jr.


  1. The news first broke shortly after 8 a.m. Wednesday. Here's one of the first articles we posted on
  2. Brownsville Herald crime reporter Madeline Buckley live tweeted what she was seeing outside of Cummings Middle School.
  3. A Brownsville police scanner recounts what police saw at the school, which was put on lockdown.
  4. Police later released a 911 call made by Cummings' assistant principal Elizabeth Brito-Hatcher. Someone is heard saying "He's saying that he's willing to die."
  5. Cummings students were moved to Porter High School when the lockdown was lifted.
  6. "This is hell," a father of two Cummings students said. Many parents said there was a lack of communication from BISD and police officers at the scene.
  7. Brownsville Herald reporter Jacqueline Armendariz tweeted from Dean Porter Park, where parents were originally picking up their children, before it was decided to move them to Porter.