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Police shoot, kill armed Brownsville 8th grader

The news of the death of Brownsville's Cummings Middle School student Jaime Gonzalez Jr. sent ripples throughout the Valley, Texas, and the nation. We've rounded up reactions via news organizations and social media sites.


  1. Reports first started coming in shortly after 8 a.m. Wednesday that there was some situation of a student with a weapon at Cummings Middle School. It was later confirmed that one student, 15-year-old Jaime Gonzalez Jr., had a pellet gun when police shot and killed him.
  2. This 911 call audio was released from the Brownsville Police Department. The call was placed by Cummings assistant principal Elizabeth Brito-Hatcher. 
  3. Audio from the police scanner surrounding the confrontation between police officers and Gonzalez also conveyed a sense of urgency.
  4. Many parents expressed frustration over the lack of communication from both BISD and the Brownsville Police Department.
  5. Reactions poured in over Twitter after the shooting of Jaime Gonzalez. The reactions varied from disapproval or approval of how the police handled the situation to well wishes for Gonzalez's family.
  6. The story was highlighted through various national media outlets, including "Good Morning America," the New York Daily News, CNN and USA TODAY.