The Brooks Transcend: Arriving on Doorsteps all the Way from 2064

Sent from the future, destined for the feet of a limited number of runners, the Transcend 01 Space Shuttles took flight in early December carrying a pair of the new Brooks Transcend. They arrived at the doorsteps of national accounts, SRAs, media influencers and athletes. These are their reactions.


  1. Runner's World Gear Editor Jeff Dengate commented on the mailer on Twitter and also posted a YouTube video showing how it operates. 
  2. Brooks Transcend Promotion
  3. Influential reporters and editors also posted about their mailers. 
  4. Brooks Running wins press-kit-of-the-year for this gem, encasing their new Transcend running shoes. They're from the future!
  5. Thank you, brooksrunning, for an out of this world gift. #runtranscend @ Redbook Fashion Magazine
    Thank you, brooksrunning, for an out of this world gift. #runtranscend @ Redbook Fashion Magazine 
  6. Moons of Jupiter this is the most intense sneaker announcement we've ever received @brooksrunning! #runtranscend
  7. Take a look at Justin's Nyberg's (of the Gear Institute) Facebook link below. His friends and followers are blown away by the Transcend mailer and even start a discussion about the shoe and the Brooks brand.
  8. SRA's and national accounts loved the mailer and were quick to tell their customers about its arrival. 
  9. @brooksrunning sent us a Christmas present from the future! Get excited...the Transcend launches 2/1!!! #shoesfromthefuture #brookstranscend #christmascameinarocketship
  10. Even in Canada!
  11. Our sponsored athletes shared their love for the shoe and the mailer. 
  12. Some really, really loved it.