Edchat #2

Teaching non-routine problems

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  1. This education chat focuses on teaching students how to solve non-standard problems. These are problems that don't have a formulaic structure and require different mindsets from students to solve. There were only around 10 people actively chatting in this chat, however they provided some interesting insights into how to approach these types of problems in a classroom.
  2. The problem that was being examined was interesting in that there are multiple methods to start attacking it from.
  3. The first question for the night concerned how students would view the problem. How do we think students would start working on this problem?
  4. Denis focused on the goal aspect of this problem and how to translate that to the students.
  5. The next question explored how we should plan for the question. The teacher should always know where the lesson is going so we talked about where we thought the students would take the problem and what we could do to assist them in finding a solution.