In the USA Today, Representatives Eric Cantor and Lamar Smith argued for more oversight into NSF funding for social science research, including archaeology projects. The Society for Historical Archaeology, and Archaeologists around the world, responded by telling them why archaeology matters.

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  1. The SHA's response, penned by SHA President Paul Mullins.
  2. The SHA was not the only one to respond. A number of scholars and other organizations posted responses, as well.
  3. On Twitter, SHA asked followers to let us know #WhyArchMatters
  4. Use #WhyArchMatters to tell us why you think government support of archaeological research is important!
  5. And the community responded. A number of themes emerged. Many highlighted the importance of learning about the past to inform the present.
  6. Others emphasized the hands-on, public nature of archaeology, allowing the public to engage and interact and learn from the work archaeologists do
  7. Even more noted the value that archaeology has to tell the stories of all people, not just those who were lucky enough to write down their stories.