Community Currencies Conference, Brixton 2015

Community Currencies in Action is a transnational project laying the ground for currency innovations designed for the common good. Providing a package of support structures to develop initiatives across North West Europe, we are promoting community currencies as a credible vehicle for achieving positive social, environmental and local economic outcomes. As a partner in this project, Lambeth Council is hosting a conference which will focus on its famous community currency, the Brixton Pound, and explore various themes around it. We are delighted that we will be holding the event at the Black Cultural Archives, the founder of which, Len Garrison, is celebrated on the paper B£1.


  1. “Nobody can really say they’ve run a truly successful community currency. And none of us can really say that we know what we’re doing” – this was how Tom Shakhli, manager of the Brixton Pound, opened CCIA’s conference last Friday, 24th April.