Give your Blog some SWAG

That's right.


  1. You may or may not be familiar with SWAG. It comes in all shapes and sizes, ranging from...
  2. to this....
  3. SWAG is a pop-culture word used to redefine confidence. SWAG isn't just a look. It isn't just the way you talk or walk. It's a combination of all these qualities. You want to exude confidence in your everyday life, right? Same in the social media world. You want your social platforms to be dripping with SWAG. Everything from the aesthetics of your site, to the content you produce and your word choice can give off certain perceptions about you or your company. And you definitely want to appear to be confident and prideful of your brand and your image. 

    Jeff Bulas is a blog SWAG genius. These 30 tips can help you enhance your blogging prowess and garner an audience. But he isn't just focussed on his own voice. He encourages people to comment. In turn, he says bloggers should utilizer their reader's voice, and find a way to incorporate their thoughts and opinions into a post. It's simple, but makes perfect sense. You are writing to an active audience. You should strive for feedback and interaction. Matter of fact, live, breathe, and blog for it. 
  4. But don't just optimize your blog to be found more easily via Google or Yahoo. Make it more mobile friendly. Check out Jeff's infographic on mobile users and uses:
  5. 87% of the world's people have phones. They are being used on subways, buses, in lines at the shopping mall...and for multiple reasons like checking email, social networking, or surfing the web. Amazon has figured out a way to optimize sales by generating a mobile friendly site for consumers...
  6. In short, Amazon drove 4-5% more revenue via consumer mobile phones! 

    We all want efficiency and instant gratification. So, rather than lug a laptop around mobile devices are stepping in and taking charge. Soon bloggers will be posting primarily from their handhelds. Think about it: go to venue, take pictures/video, upload and blog at site! It's ingenious and cuts the middle man aka home computer out of the equation. As a result, better content and more interesting stories will appear.

    Check out these 4 quick tips to build a mobile presence: 
  7. APPS are making people's lives easier. They are spending less time surfing for what they need/want. So what blogging APPS are out there?

    Please take the following survey @ ;
  8. Before you can even consider creating or using an APP, first you need to learn the ways of Blogging with SWAG. Again, Jeff Bulas provides some help in creating an effective blog. Actually the one I probably struggle with the most is #2- Poor Headline. I use words that do not improve my blog's SEO. In fact, words such as competition and appearance have a ton of internet traffic competition. Be creative and get noticed.
  9. No take this blog by Blogussion. It ties in its users comments and suggestions, while addressing, what it and Jeff Bullas could agree as one of the most important aspects of good blogging: THE HEADLINE. I am not so sure I would title a blog post as High-quality or EXCITING. I can almost guarantee these words generate a high amount of traffic as it is. Nonetheless, the blogpost still provides you with some words to think about including.
  10. This is also a great reference for creating effective headlines. It includes why your headline is important, using key words, and even how to create captivating Twitter headlines. This is actually an 11-part series crafted by copyblogger
  11. And though Lindsay Buroker's post is primarily discussing authors, these tips can be helpful for any day-to-day blogger. I especially like her take on appealing to your visitors. Going back to previous statements, you are blogging about topics not only for your enjoyment, but also for your audience. Keep in mind the person reading your blog is constantly asking him/herself, "what's in it for me?". Give them something interesting and new. There's nothing more boring than reading the exact same post about social media on twitter and by blogs when all that's changed is the author, the social medium, and the aesthetics of the site. Not cool. Not fun. Not getting anymore traffic to your blog. Sorry, but it's true.

  12. Just as headlines are important in SEO and drawing a reader in, so is content. I found these videos addressing the importance of using keywords in generating good content.
  13. These are a couple videos from the Melbourne SEO Workshop discussing article optimization and keyword tricks:
  14. Top Article Optimization Strategies To Boost Your Site
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