We're taking five UK artists to China

We've teamed up with the PRS For Music Foundation to send five UK artists to cities across China for a six week residency. The artists will spend their time collaborating with the local musicians to create new music and explore creative opportunities.


  1. The Announcement 
    The artists taking part in the Residencies were announced as  Anna Meredith, Arun Ghosh, Oliver Coates, Sam Genders and Sid Peacock.
  2. Anna Meredith
  3. Anna Meredith - "Nautilus" (Official Video)
  4. Arun Ghosh
  5. Arun Ghosh - Caliban's Revenge
  6. Sam Genders 
  7. Oliver Coates has recently released his Debut album and was also announced as the artist in residence for Hong Kong. All in the same week.
  8. Sid Peacock Seems excited for his residency
  9. Some press begins to appear regarding the China Residencies and artists