Cairo Calling - Cairo Workshop

Following the first workshop in London, Cairo Calling once again brings together artists from UK Label Rinse FM and the pioneers of the Mahraganat music of Cairo. This time the UK artists fly out to Cairo to continue their collaborations and perform at the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival, Cairo.


  1. Planning

  2. Planning the workshop, There's Faze Miyake... but where are the other artists?
  3. In the Studio, of Course!

  4. But there's still time to get some interviews in for RINSE.FM... 
  5. Filming the master interviews in Salam City Egypt @sadatel3almy @alaa50 @fazemiyake @rinsestagram #rinsetv #cairocalling
    Filming the master interviews in Salam City Egypt @sadatel3almy @alaa50 @fazemiyake @rinsestagram #rinsetv #cairocalling
  6. It's not all about the studio magic

  7. Led by Charles Holgate, a session on management and the music industry and the use of social media to share expertise with Egyptian artists and managers.
  8. Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival

  9. As part of the Cairo workshop, the artists performed at the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (DCAF) Cairo's cross contemporary arts festival. The '100COPIES & RINSE.FM presents Cairo Calling' event was SOLD OUT, with a lot of buzz and excitement in the build up to the show.
  10. And then the performance got under-way... with Rinse.FM artists, Pinch, Faze Miyake & Mumdance and the Egyptian Sadat, DJ Figo Knaka and Diesel.