Being @britain on Independence Day, 2014.

I like having my actual first name as my twitter handle. But it means I'm often pretty popular on the Fourth of July -- mostly by accident.

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  1. Despite being the seven million and somethingth registered Twitter user, I was still able to grab @britain for a handle.  Once in a while this really impresses some social media buffs, but it means on Independence Day in the United States, I get a lot of misdirected love for our mother country.

    The first shot across the bow actually came on Thursday afternoon.
  2. You cannot be mad at Colton, for he attached a GIF of Ron Swanson behind the Stars and Stripes [not the Stars and Stripes over Ron Swanson -- nothing comes over Ron Swanson].
  3. Symph0ny above deleted this a few minutes later, but the Internet never really forgets!
  4. I'm almost positive the above is a rerun from last year.  A little more research might confirm this.
  5. In between, another user posted "sorry about it @britain" but deleted pretty quickly.  Sad I didn't get to save it!
  6. @thatgrack's whole timeline was Independence Day themed, it was pretty impressive.  This was just one of a veritable Delaware of independence tweets.
  7. I guess I'm a little worried about this new animated GIF thing Twitter is doing.