Being @britain on July 4, 2013

One day each year, dozens of people who would be incapable of writing my name correctly if I went to their sandwich shop, pronounced it slowly, AND spelled it out for them, somehow manage to nail it on the first try.


  1. I have lived in the United States my entire life and have never been to England. I was almost named a much more common boys' name, but there were two others in the maternity ward that weekend so my folks decided to go the other way. Way the other way.

    I signed up for Twitter at the urging of my new boss in 2007, because she felt it might be a good avenue for outreach. I was lucky enough to get my first name, despite being Twitter User Number 7,160,892. However, I get a lot of tweets intended for the eyes of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, which does not appear to have an official twitter presence. I've accepted this, as a cost of having a cool name, but this year it seemed like the abuse, while not directed specifically at me, the person, became particularly snarky and worth noting.

    It actually started before midnight, innocuously enough, with a George Washington image macro:
  2. Then:
  3. Thanks!
  4. Then whoa:
  5. Nice emoji flags!  Since this started an hour before, I think that means I lasted a whole hour, but if you're counting midnight, that means I lasted a whole twenty five minutes before engaging:
  6. But we good now.
  8. So the next morning I got up, saw the overnight lulz, and posted a search of my @replies so my friends could enjoy it too.
  9. A few of the replies brought the #LetsMakeItAwkward tag, intended to highlight unlikely teenage hookups, to international relations:
  10. I guess Kyle wanted to make it awkward… with me?
  11. I also want to take a second to highlight Stephanie and her friend Marilia, who actually clicked through to see who she was tweeting at and RTed my previous post.