Twitter- sharing resources and building networks

Twitter is a powerful tool for building a learning network. Discover how retweeting and hashtags can be used to filter information, curate resources and build communities.


  1. Retweeting: By retweeting other users, you are passing on great links from the people you follow to your own followers. Twitter becomes an effective curation tool in this way.
  2. Manual retweeting and adding comments: If you would like to add your own comment to a retweet you need to do a manual retweet. Find out how to do this and what the letters RT or MT stand for in a tweet.
  3. Explaining hashtags: Hashtags are a simple and powerful tool that allows people to come together and tweet about similar topics. Here, we explain what they are and how to see tweets including these tags.
  4. Twitter- Explaining hashtags
  5. Tweeting with hashtags: Including hashtags in your tweets is a great way to reach a group of people with similar interests. Find out how to include a hashtag in your tweet and why you should.
  6. Twitter- Tweeting with hashtags
  7. Using hashtags to build communities: Hashtags are a way to categorise and label tweets, but they can also be used to build online communities. This video looks at 3 popular hashtags, #vicpln #edchat and #tlchat
  8. Twitter- Hashtags as communities