Saving a web quote to Citelighter

After installing the Citelighter toolbar, you will be able to highlight text from websites and save the details to a project. This project can then be exported to Word or emailed. A full bibliography is also included. Here's our guide to installing a toolbar and saving a quote (for Google Chrome).


  1. 1. After creating an account at Citelighter, you will prompted to install a Citelighter toolbar. Download the chosen extension for the browser that you are using by selecting the Download or Install button. Citelighter works in Chrome, Safari and Firefox. (All examples in this tutorial are for Google Chrome).
  2. 2. You will either see the Citelighter toolbar appear across the top of your browser (in Firefox), or you may need to turn the toolbar on by clicking the Citelighter icon which will appear in the top right corner of your Chrome browser (the icon is a blue highlighter). Begin by creating a project. Select the Create New Project drop down menu, Click Create New Project and give your project a name. You can also set a due date. 
  3. 3. Now when you find a quote that you would like to save, highlight the chosen text and select the Capture button that appears.
  4. 4. The quote should save, and you will have the option to Add a comment or Edit Citation (you also have the option to edit this quote afterwards- see Step 6). 
  5. 5. Now, when you go back to your Citelighter account page, you will see your project listed. Click on the project name to see your saved quotes.
  6. 6. In this example we can see the quote, with a bibliography listed below. There are options for choosing MLA, APA or Chicago formatting. In this case, Citelighter has tried to automatically complete citation details, but the name of the reporter has been incorrectly listed. We also need to edit the name of the website. Hover over the bibliography and click the small pencil icon to edit.
  7. 7. Update any incorrect details. When you are finished click Save.
  8. Once you've returned to your account you can choose to export the project to Microsoft Word or email.