Historypin- Mapping the past

Historypin is a wonderful tool that allows you to pin photographs, videos and audio to a digital map. It also allows you to overlay photographs on Google streetview, providing a comparison between the present and the past. Discover how to get started with this tool and begin pinning content.


  1. This introductory video from the makers of Historypin explains what you can do with this incredible tool.
  2. A Short Introduction To Historypin
  3. You can sign in to Historypin using your existing Google account and then create your own public profile on Historypin. Find out how in this video.
  4. Historypin- Sign in with your Google account
  5. When pinning your picture to a map it is important to provide copyright details and correct attribution, including links to original archives. Discover how to do this before you pin a picture to the map.
  6. Historypin- Copyright details, tags and pinning
  7. Discover how to fill in date and location information and then pin your picture to the Google Map.
  8. Historypin- Pinning to the map
  9. The best feature of Historypin is the ability to pin photographs directly on Google streetview. This provides a great comparison between the past and the present. Learn how to pin pictures to streetview.
  10. Historypin- Pinning a photograph to streetview
  11. Pinning a historical photograph to Historypin's streetview can be difficult. Discover some great tips and tricks to make your pinning easier and more accurate.
  12. Historypin- Tips and tricks for pinning to streetview
  13. The State Library of Victoria has a wide range of digitised photographs that can be pinned. Discover how to search the catalogue for photographs. Note: Only images that are listed as Out of Copyright can be pinned without permission from SLV.
  14. Historypin- Pictures in the State Library of Victoria catalogue
  15. Correct attribution of resources in Historypin in important. If you are using State Library of Victoria digitised photographs that are out of copyright, this video will show you how to correctly reference the image.
  16. Historypin- Copyright and attribution of SLV resources