Diigo- save and share your bookmarks

Diigo is an incredibly powerful online bookmarks manager, that allows you to store links, share with friends and create groups. All links can be tagged and are fully searchable. Discover how to use this tool to build your personal learning network.


  1. Diigo is a free online bookmark manager. In this guide discover how to get started and see what a Diigo bookmark library looks like.
  2. One of the difficulties of getting started with Diigo is adding your first bookmark. There is no simple way to do this from within your account, but by installing a Diigo toolbar in your browser you'll be able to begin bookmarking. These three guides show you how to install the Diigo toolbar in Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome.
  3. Diigo- Installing the toolbar in Internet Explorer
  4. Diigo- Installing the toolbar in Firefox
  5. Diigo- Install the toolbar in Chrome
  6. Adding bookmarks to your Diigo library allows you to save them forever. Discover how to add a bookmark, mark it private or share with a group, add your bookmark to a list and add tags so you can keep your links organised.
  7. Groups are a powerful feature of Diigo, as they allow you to share links between people with a common interest. You can join and post links to groups, as well as creating your own group and deciding who can join. Join the VicPLN Diigo group- there are plenty of educators in there who are sharing great links. 
  8. Diigo has a very useful tags function which allows you to sort your bookmarks based on keywords. Discover how to use this feature and also how to make the most of the search function in your Diigo library.
  9. Diigo- Find your links with tags and search