Add a Twitter widget to your blog

Including your Twitter stream on your blog is a good way to show your readers what you've been up to on Twitter. Learn how to set up a Twitter widget and add it to your Wordpress, Edublog or Global2 blog in our guide to Twitter's widget function.


  1. 1. To create your Twitter widget, login to your Twitter account at and then open the Settings menu (click on the silhouette icon and then select Settings).
  2. 2. On the left hand menu select Widgets, then select Create new
  3. 3a. Now you can define what will be displayed in your widget. The tabs across the top will let you select different sources for your tweets. If you select User timeline you will be able to display the tweets and retweets from one account (your own or some else's). You could also choose Favourites to show Tweets you have favourited, or List to show the tweets from all users in a list you've made. You can  select the colour of links, the colour scheme of the widget (light or dark) and whether you want photographs to display automatically. Also enter the url of your website in the Domains box (this may fill automatically for you if you've filled out your profile). Any changes you make will be shown in the preview window on the right hand side. 
  4. 3b. Instead of displaying your own tweets, favourites or a list, you can also choose to show all tweets from a particular search. Select Search and then enter your search term (in this case #vicpln) into the Search query box. There is also a Safe mode which you can check so the widget will attempt to exclude any inappropriate content. When you are happy with your options select Create widget.
  5. 4. Once you create the widget, you will see a small box appear with a code. This is the embed code that you will need to copy into your blog. Click into the box (circled below) and copy the text.
  6. 5. Now go to your blog's dashboard (the example shown is a Global2 site but this should be similar for Wordpress or Edublogs) and select Appearance>Widgets.
  7. 6. You will see a list of available widgets. Look for the Text widget. Drag the Text widget across and drop it into your sidebar menu (see below).
  8. 7. The text widget will expand and will include a Title section (where you can enter the name of your widget). In this case we will leave this section blank. Now you can paste the code that you copied in Step 5 into the main window (as you can see below). Select Save
  9. 8. Now if you visit your blog you should see your new widget in your sidebar. The widget includes a bar that can be used to scroll through tweets, and also a box at the bottom allows users to tweet to you or to your chosen hashtag (if you have selected the search option). Visitors to your site will also need to be logged into Twitter in their browser to use this option.
  10. 9. Now if you want to make any changes to your widget, go to the Widgets menu in your Twitter account and select Edit. Any changes you make to the widget will be updated on your blog, without needing to copy and paste the code again.