Factors to Consider When Choosing Grow Lights for Plants

Indoor Gardening Using Grow Lights


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  2. If you decide to plant seeds indoors, you must be prepared to water the plants and ensures they access sufficient light. Since this is an artificial process, you will be required to provide these factors in an artificial way. This article looks at the types of grow Lights that can enhance your indoor planting activities.

    When purchasing glow lights for plants, you must choose those specially designed suit the needs of the specific plant you want to nurture. Here are some of the ideas that you must consider before choosing a given grow light.

    Size of the Bulb
    You should recheck on the bulb you have been using so that you get the right size of the bulb tube. The standard bulb tube size is T-12 ( can suit various needs). However, the best grow lights for plants have sizes ranging from T-5 to T-8 .This bulbs are quite efficient. If you are not so sure of the sizes that can best suit your plants requirements, request for advice from the seller and let him help you choose the best bulbs.

    Light Intensity
    You should consider the light intensity of the grow lights you want to purchase. The most appropriate type of grow lights is the florescent bulb because of its enhanced high light intensity. Seedlings will always thrive well under high light intensity.

    Light Duration
    Long light exposure is vital for maximum growth of a plant. Most vegetables and plants require long duration exposure of high light intensity (usually fourteen to eighteen hours a day) to flourish. You must make sure that you keep the plant exposed to sufficient light during the day to facilitate photosynthesis. Ensure the plants are kept in the dark at night to allow tissues to rest. You may choose to use automatic timers to automatically adjust from light to darkness and darkness to light, consistently.

    Light Color
    Cool-white light color is appropriate for maximum growth of plants. This is why plants thrive in natural light from sun. Bulbs with full spectrum light color can be used for indoor plants growing. Choose to use Full- Spectrum Florescent bulb that is ninety four percent solar. The recent innovation in the florescent bulb industry which has led to the creation of fluorescent bulbs that are highly efficient has made things better.

    Generally, grow lights for plants have helped people improve on indoor planting. There is a wide range of glow lights to choose from and but you need to be careful when choosing glow light that is best suited for your plant.