Contract Furniture with Design and Style for Commercial Use

There are a few essential reasons why contract furniture is used over the type generally used in homes.


  1. Contract furniture is a necessity for commercial businesses to use. Beds, tables, sofas, chairs used in hotels, universities, resorts, receptions and waiting rooms are required to use this type of commercial grade furnishings. Commercial furniture meets all safety standards set due to fire regulations and is generally built for more rough and sturdy usage. Materials used in contract furniture, including fabrics, must meet all safety standards, but that doesn't mean there isn't variety in the styles of contract furniture available. Today, contract furniture is stylish enough to use in homes, especially if the furniture in the home needs to be rugged or gets a lot of hard usage.

    There are a few essential reasons why contract furniture is used over the type generally used in homes. The quality standards in contract furniture needs to be higher than seen in home furnishings. A contract outdoor furniture takes a heavy beating day in and day out. The quality of a product should rise to meet the demands made of it and the demands on contract furniture is heavy. The contract outdoor furniture needs to meet specific health and safety standards which is not required of home furnishings sold to the general public.

    For hotels and resorts, stylish contract furniture comes in a wide variety of colors and can be designed to support the surrounding decor whether it is furnishing a lobby, hotel room and poolside area or hotel garden. Geometry must be used in the design to accommodate the large and at times twists and turns of the space. Whereas a home is usually dealing with square angles, resorts and hotels have lavish open spaces with all sorts of angles to deal with.

    Increased efficiency, waste minimization, sturdy and rugged build with stylish design and an abundance of choices is what is wanted in contract furniture. Buying contract furniture with those attributes requires getting it from a knowledgeable, time-tested company that can offer tried and true advice on what will work for the location in mind. Bridgman is such a place with long standing design and quality reputation in the industry. More information on designs, styles and materials as well as detailed illustrations of available products and prices can be found at contract outdoor furniture by Bridgman. Finally, contract furniture designs come in a broader variety than furniture available in the public retail market. It is specifically designed to fit and complement larger spaces that are found in commercial locations.