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Ever era in fashion has produced innovative fashions meant to be worn for both casual and formal events.


  1. Your Wedding Dress Should Represent Your Sense Of Style
  2. Ever era in fashion has produced innovative fashions meant to be worn for both casual and formal events. This is especially helpful for that bride to be, who wishes to dress like someone from another time and place. Sometimes this is because a prospective bride wishes to imagine she was alive in the early 1900's. Or it can be that she prefers to wear a short flirty dress like flapper brides of the 1920's.

    A bridal gown that is considered “Victorian” usually has a high collar and long puffy sleeves. Meanwhile a formal dress that is three-quarters in length and has several petticoats may evoke the decade of the 1950's. Fashion designers and wardrobe consultants will tell you that vintage wedding dresses are available to fit just about every bride.

    If a bride would like to wear a romantic dress of a different era, than she should extend her theme to the other members of her bridal party. Otherwise a full length formal gown can be eclipsed by bridesmaids in 1960's mini-dresses and boots. To be sure of how well your outfits complement each other, it is a good idea to take a few photographs to look at later on.

    Unfortunately, there are bridal shops Raleigh NC brides and grooms might like to avoid. These stores will not talk to a shopper unless this individual has a pre-set appointment. While this may work for some outlets, it certainly puts a damper on last minute enthusiasm for the task at hand.

    For this reason, bridal parties are advised to visit those shops that do not require their customers to have appointments. These establishments want everyone to feel as comfortable with their chosen dress, as they do with the expert service they receive. If a shopper is not happy or is unable to find their size, all they have to do is ask to speak to one of the sales agents for assistance in a timely manner.

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