Mozilla Nordic Tour 2013

Jeff Beatty, Axel Hecht, and Brian King go on a community building tour in Iceland and through Scandinavia. Cities visited are Reykjavík, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Oslo, and Stockholm.


  1. The first stop in our Nordic Tour was Iceland. Jeff flew into Reykjavík and had a very successful MozCafe there, with about 35 people attending. This was a much larger group than we had anticipated and had to make last minute changes in venue and format to accommadate the massive interest in Mozilla. The two hour event quickly turned into a four hour group discussion on open source and localization in Iceland, as well as hot topics like user privacy, security, and the advent of Firefox OS. Two members of the Icelandic parliament joined us, as well as the founders of popular open source projects, Mailpile. Iceland has a vibrant open source and developer community. Many are avid Firefox users and advocates for user privacy. After our long discussion, the concensus on building a Mozilla community in Iceland was two-fold: 1) beginning to contribute to Mozilla and 2) include Mozilla in the already active open source community discussions.
  2. Reykjavik Mozilla event
    Reykjavik Mozilla event
  3. Jeff was also able to meet with the members of the Icelandic Language Institute (ILI) to discuss their efforts to preserve the Icelandic language in technology. Icelanders are very proud of their unique language and have spent decades working out the most effective ways of reappropriating antiquated terminology to modern uses. The ILI also gave some very valuable advice on how Mozilla could help other language communities seeking to preserve their language through the use of technology.
  4. At the Icelandic Language Institute1
    At the Icelandic Language Institute1
  5. Axel starts out in Berlin, getting the car that will bring him to Copenhagen and Jeff and Brian on the other legs of the tour.
  6. Before Jeff leaves Iceland, he ponders buying Hákarl, but luckily for Axel and Brian he didn't as this could have made for a not so pleasant car journey as it smells badly.
  7. Hákarl, fermented Greenlandic shark delicacy in Iceland
    Hákarl, fermented Greenlandic shark delicacy in Iceland
  8. Next up is our meetup in Copenhagen with Mozillians from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. We do some community building exercises in the morning, followed by working sessions on community building, localization, and events for the rest of the day. Our exercises were aimed at understanding the community's perception on their own growth and progress, as well as Mozilla and its current trajectory. It was interesting to hear the community's responses to statements such as, "Mozilla is a mobile organization," and "Privacy while browsing is a reasonable expectation for users to have while online."
  9. Rosana Ardila met up with us in Copenhagen to show off the awesome work SUMO has been doing to internationalize and localize Firefox support pages. She demonstrated not only how easy it is to get involved in SUMO, but the advancements SUMO has made in developing more user-friendly localization tools and tracking individual contributions to SUMO localization. The community provided her with feedback regarding the user experience, incorporation of translation memory, as well as other useful features.
  10. And no Mozilla Meetup is the same without pizza for lunch!
  11. During the day we get some Mozillian's behind the camera to talk about what they do for Mozilla and what their aspiration or hope is for the future.
  12. We also took some time to formalize onboarding plans for the Finnish and Norwegian localization teams. Both are looking forward to seeing how these contribution paths will simplify onboarding new localizers. We also discussed how updated community sites and regional community mailing lists can improve discoverability and the onboarding process for newcomers.
  13. L10n onboarding plans
    L10n onboarding plans
  14. And of course, the obligatory group shot.
  15. A huge thank you to our hosts in Copenhagen, GFish. This is an exciting space and they are working on some exciting projects. Check them out.