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Wikipedia Editing Workshop at SpotOn 2013

Summary of the Wikipedia Editing workshop session which took place at the SpotOn 2013 conference from 14.30-15.30 on Saturday 8 November 2013 in the British Library.


  1. Note the the tweets are annotated in order to illustrate how the Wikipedia editing session was facilitated and how Twitter was used in order to facilitate the creation of this summary.
  2. The aim was to provide a hands-on session during which participants would create a Wikipedia account and a user profile page. However the room was not ideal for a hands-on session:
  3. Shortly before the session began we tweeted links to the slides.
  4. We attracted the desired audience: those who were unfamiliar with Wikipedia editing and wished to learn the specifics of how to create or edit Wikipedia articles.
  5. It was helpful when people effectively 'signed in' by tweeted that they were attending the session.. Thanks to Marie, Akshat, Biodiversity and David for doing this.
  6. It was good to have user participation, with Martin Fenner point out the advantages of including your ORCID ID in your user profile page.