Rainbow Warrior III: There are no passengers on spaceship Earth

The Earth has a new champion. In Bremerhaven, Germany, Greenpeace held the naming ceremony for the world"s first purpose-built, crowd-bought, eco-sleek sailing vessel, the new Rainbow Warrior.

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  1. Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
  2. The day to get on board is becoming closer. Im really happy about it, and at the same time its hard to start saying goodbye to friends and family. I cant belive i will be on the legendary Rainbow Warrior in 15 days. -Pablo- PS: I ask you guys a favor, please invite your friends to like this page. You can do it in an easy way clicking on "Invite friends" on the upper right menu. Let´s double the number of "likers" before the launching of the RWIII.
  3. Three is the magic number. #WEAREPi Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior 3
  4. A masts. Stronger, shorter, faster. Rainbow Warrior 3.
  5. Rainbow Warrior. Ship chains.