1. Geek Digital Debate splat!
    Geek Digital Debate splat!
  2. GEEK2015 kicks off with a conversation about the future, bringing together digital visionaries, teachers, and representatives from the creative and cultural sector to look at what a digital world has in store for us, and what that means for businesses, artists, and gamers alike.

    We had 70 participants with a big mix of experience and backgrounds, ages and disicplines.
  3. Oscar Clark kicked off the debate! Oscar is Author, Consultant and Evangelist for Everyplay from Unity Technologies.

  4. Oscar strolled around the room and people introduced themselves and talked about what they wanted to get out of the discussion.
  5. Then we had brief 'provocations' from speakers, who also spoke among the tables (rather than lecturing from a platform). There was a thoughful attentive atmosphere.
  6. People and skills for the future

  7. First, we had Liz Pearson from the Broadstairs Campus of Canterbury Christchurch University - Thanet's only Higher Education provider.
  8. She is leading the development of the University’s Coastal Campus as part of the wider renaissance of the seaside towns of Broadstairs, Margate and Ramsgate.
  9. I had some feedback from particpants after the 'event' - that she was "an impressive and compelling speaker - with a very realistic and positive view of the future and a commitment for CCCU to really enagage locally".
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