1. Nick Tatt, Founder of Map My Tracks - a tool that enables you to track, analyse and share outdoor activities - will be talking about: A brief history of GPS in smart phones

    Lisette Slegers from Serious Racing - a responsive web app that allows car and bike racers to compare GPS laptimes, and track progress - will be presenting the talk: Socialising motorsport with GPS
  2. Now hearing a quick 'pitch' from Noel of Transformed by you
  3. Socialising Motorsport with GPS

  4. Needs data at 10 Hz (10 readings per second) to make it interesting given the speed. Accuracy of 1-15 cm
  5. As well as 'socialisng' motorsport - can also be used to monitor vehicle performance - comparison between petrol and electric vehicles. It's better suited to a lap situation - repeating a lap for example.
  6. Q - how do you get the data? We use the data that a bike or car is already collecting - there's lots of smartphone apps that can do this.
  7. Q - what are you using for your data visualistions? Using JavaScript and the GoogleMaps API - not Flash.
  8. Q - what's your business model? Haven't got one at the moment - we are exploring the applications. We have some ideas re monitisation.
  9. Q - can you use this to learn about what goes wrong - and to improve safety. We rely on data that people upload - so there are limitations to what we can do.
  10. Quick pitch - Interactive Me

  11. Creating bespoke tablet-based interactive life histories for people with dementia.
  12. Sam Dondi-Smith talks about the fact that by 2025 1 million people will be affected by dementia.
  13. He's looking at digital life histories - specific to that person. Here's a look at the prototype
  14. This reminded me of Janis Jefferies' project - Wearable Absences:
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