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Extending the branch

I reach out to someone who jumped in to insult someone on Twitter.


  1. There's been a ton of back and forth on the Internet over the last month, and it has intensified over the last week and gotten angrier and angrier as time has gone on. I've found myself really getting wrapped up in all of that to the point where it has really unhealthy for me. I don't want to diminish the very real harassment I've seen go on; that is real and needs to be addressed. But I know I've been getting caught up in this and decided to make every possible effort. The other person in this insulted one of the creators of Depression Quest and suggested that it was terrible and useless.
  2. I tried a "slightly aggrieved" opening, but not openly hostile.
  3. Oh boy, uphill battle ahead. A few days ago, I would have blocked and moved on. But I had promised myself to try something different today. I'm mostly going to let the discussion go on without a lot of commentary. He didn't reply to everything I said, but I type fast and I wouldn't be surprised if he was just getting to whatever was latest.
  4. I was already overly dismissive by this point. But I stuck with it.
  5. It has that fractured Twitter feeling, so I'll try to keep responses together for clarity.