Social Media as a Legitimate News Source

Social media and its role in traditional media


  1. Though many are refusing to accept it, social media is making itself a serious contender in today's media landscape. While critics say that social media platforms are unreliable, these sites have been proving to break news before news organizations in many situations. How long will it be until social media replaces other forms of news media?
  2. Some of the biggest news stories in the media today first broke on social media platforms such as Twitter. Remember when Osama bin Laden was killed? How about when Robin Williams died? These are among many other events that first originated on Twitter.
  3. Meet the man who tweeted bin Laden encounter .flv
  4. Twitter is not the only platform seeing a lot of breaking news stories. Applications such as Snapchat, which recently came out with the "Discover" update, allow users to find breaking news events from some of their favorite organizations.
  5. And with the most recent development of Meerkat and Periscope, applications that allow you to get connected to events that other people are recording, the possibilities for breaking news stories are endless.
  6. Although there are the doubters, many people recognize the power of social media as an avenue for breaking the news. Citizen journalists who take advantage of social media can change how the news is delivered.
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  8. What does the future hold for social media in the traditional news media realm? When will people begin trusting it?
  9. As you can see, our news media landscape is changing rapidly. With the development of so many new apps and sites, the social media scene is becoming more and more powerful. It's healthy to have a reasonable amount of skepticism about what you see on social media, but with its increasing prowess, trust in social media may be increasing faster than we think.