1. "There is power when stones that have been rejected come together." -Rev. Dr. William Barber II

  2. Over 1,500 people of all races, ethnicities, and religious traditions poured into the Pennsylvania Avenue Baptist Church on August 28th in our nation's capital – 53 years after the March on Washington brought together an alliance of civil rights, labor, and religious organizations to march for jobs and freedom.
  3. This intersectional crowd gathered to hear their local DC community speak truth to the injustices suffered by the residents of their city and across the country as part of the #MoralRevival – a movement that started in North Carolina as Moral Mondays led by the Rev. Dr. William Barber II.
  4. The movement's demands have resonated with thousands of people of faith, and those without a faith practice, who believe that it is our country's moral obligation to repair the breaches caused by centuries-old systems of racial and gender inequality.
  5. On Sept. 12th, deliveries of this #MoralAgenda to state legislatures are being organized by locals in 25 states.

  6. Add your name here: bit.ly/moralagenda.

  7. From systemic racism and corrupt criminal justice systems, to poverty wages, voter suppression, and gentrification – local leaders stood up to tell their stories and call out immoral policies and politics.
  8. Their powerful testimonies (including an incredible spoken-word piece on gun violence by Rev. Karen Curry) can be watched here:
  9. The #MoralRevival centers the experiences of local people, while the Reverends Dr. Jacqui Lewis, Dr. James Forbes, and Dr. William Barber II served to connect us with a national call to action.
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