Sex and the Olympics

Seems like sex and the Olympics go hand in hand these days. All of those fit bodies crowded into that tight village, all of that built up competitive tension... here's some top stories on sex and the Olypmics found at

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  1. Get the lowdown on the sexual culture surrounding the Olympic games.
  2. Ultra-fit bodies+competitive tension+confined spaces=this
  3. Are Olympics women's beach volleyball photos too sexy? Here's a slideshow to help you decide.
  4. Here's more women's beach volleyball pics, in case you're still undecided... yowza!
  5. For those of you inspired to re-create the spirit of the Olympics at home... 
  6. Root root root for the home team!
  7. Mirror mirror on the wall, which country has the sexiest athletes of them all?
  8. Check out all of the Olympics social media buzz at!