A hiatus, for real

I'm super serial, you guys.

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  1. I've decided to take an indefinite #hiatus from Twitter. This should feel more like a "real" hiatus than is typical for me, as I intend to cut off most of my usual avenues for hiatus "cheating," like SMS tweeting, pic.twitter.com photos, Spotify shares, etc. I also intend to make it harder for myself to take "hiatus breaks," by not only changing my password (which is de rigueur for a Brendan Loy hiatus), but also giving @MileHighBecky control over said password. (#PANIC!)

    The "permitted" exceptions to my #hiatus will be:
    1. Instagram photos.
    2. Foursquare check-ins.
    3. Links to Tumblr posts, maybe -- but if I start over-doing Tumblr, I'll take a hiatus from that too.
    4. DU basketball games I'm live-tweeting and/or events I'm attending in person.
    5. If there's a hurricane threat to the U.S., I'll return temporarily to Twitter for my Pajamas Media blog's sake.
    Otherwise, #hiatus.

    Why? Well, I first raised the possibility yesterday:
  2. The concept solidified and expanded by the time I announced it this evening:
  3. Some were understandably skeptical and/or snarky, given my track record:
  4. Others asked for clarification:
  5. Some were supportive. Others were in a #PANIC. Still others made Lord of the Rings jokes. And a few speculated about the nature of those undisclosed "personal reasons." #ReplaceLaneKiffin?