Save Oakland Libraries

Objectivity is an important part of journalism, but when it comes to the library I can't help but voice my opinion on an institution that has provided foundations to countless numbers of readers and writers - especially when its at risk of extinction.


  1. A little background to this problem... the city is short on funds and over the past few years the great majority of library funding has come from Measure Y. If the city budget dips too low Measure Y ceases to exist and the libraries loose out big time. 
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  3. This isn't a done deal however; cutting branches and services is just ONE of 3 proposed budget options. While its very important to learn to live within our means as a city and community the current way the budget is composed would put a huge amount of the budget cuts on the library to absorb - over half of all jobs cut across all of the city services would come from the libraries.
  4. Because the libraries make up only a small part of the overall budget but are at risk of desolation because of cuts citizens need to come together to raise awareness within the community about this widely unpublicized issue. 
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  6. Supporters of the library are getting creative and collaborating with the community about raising awareness.
  7. Oakland Library Guerrilla Storytime
  8. A few events have already happened but many more are still to come. If you can't participate, consider passing the message along to your friends and family. Sharing the news of this plight is an important part of making the changes necessary to secure our libraries for everyone.
  9. Opponents to the budget alternatives that would keep the libraries open argue that the source of public funding for libraries is inappropriate and that the library funds should be appropriated from different tax initiatives than they have been. This is a fine argument to make and should be considered, but the public that uses the libraries should not be punished in the meantime by limiting their access to library resources because of past mismanagement by the city. Even if changes in the titles of the funding sources need to be made in the future we MUST keep libraries available to children and the general population if we want to continue to work towards a better future for ALL Oakland citizens.

    The past years have been hard on the libraries, reduced spending on resources and materials, as well as frequent furlough days have put stress on librarians and patrons. Even with these hardships the libraries have continued to provide a wealth of amazing resources and opportunities to the people of our city.
  10. Oakland Tourism : Oakland Tourism: African American Museum & Library
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  14. If you haven't visited your local library recently I implore you to do so. Check out the upcoming events from visit family story time, get help with job searches or free legal aid. Or just take the kids by on some Saturday afternoon and take home 20 new books to read over the next couple of weeks. 

    Keeping the libraries open to everyone is an important thing, it provides resources that improve our communities and just as important it brings us all together around a shared love of investing in our future. And personally, I think our future is worth investing in.