1. Above photo taken by msnbc.com user Sharon Mozingo: "The massive tornado just as it entered the Tuscaloosa City limits. Unbelievable weather day here in the South."
  2. Above photo taken by msnbc.com user Frank Nuhfer: "Tornado touched down at my house in Leonardtown, Md. around 11:30 AM on April 28th, 2011.  When oak tree toppled, the root ball lifted the trailer about 10 feet into the air and the top of the tree hit a car in the driveway next door."
  3. Above photo submitted by msnbc.com user Kat Harris of Hixson, Tenn.: "Amazingly, the driver survived with minor injuries. This tree completely totaled the car with the driver seat intact. The accident was in Red Bank, Ten. on Hedgwood Dr & Dayton Blvd. "