My Brother's Keeper Data Jam

Recap of the first My Brother's Keeper Data Jam hosted by Georgetown University & the US Department of Education in Washington, D.C.


  1. The My Brother's Keeper Task Force has pulled relevant Federal data out of agencies and made it available for innovators to build solutions supporting boys and men of color. Check out the data here: ;
  2. The My Brother's Keeper Data Jam brought together diverse skill sets grouped in cross-functional teams focused on building solutions for a My Brother's Keeper Focus area. 
  3. Participants selected a My Brother's Keeper focus area to work on for the day. 
  4. The day started with a focus on why we were there. We heard poetry from students and teachers. 
  5. We then heard from Deputy Secretary of Education Jim Shelton. He spent the entire day at the data jam. Here are few of highlights from his kickoff keynote. 
  6. After the kickoff, we split up into focus area groups to start jamming! 
  7. My focus area was "Successfully Entering the Workforce."  Before we started working, we were briefed by govies from the Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor and Statistics on the data they collect and what it means. 
  8. The govies from Department of Labor, Department of Education, the White House, and elsewhere stayed around as subject matter experts and coaches for the 20 data jam teams.