You. Are. Toast! Long live the Toastman

It's always a treat to take out-of-town visitors to a minor league baseball game and explain the Toastman. He's Rod Blackstone, a superfan and, oh yeah... the mayor's spokesman. When opposing players strike out, Rod yells "You. Are. Toast." And he hurls a piece of toast into the crowd.


  1. If you have a persona like that, eventually you get your own bobblehead night. Or, in this case, bobble arms. That's right. It was Toastman Bobblearm night at Appalachian Power Park. First 1,000 fans through the gate got one of these babies:
  2. That's Rod Blackstone in the middle of the photo below, surrounded by p.r. guy George Manahan on the left and TV guy Bob Brunner on the right. Manahan and Brunner were both spokesmen for Gov. Gaston Caperton. Blackstone was a spokesman for Gov. Cecil Underwood. Do you think that stopped him from throwing toast at baseball games? No, it did not.
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  4. By all accounts, this was an extremely successful minor league baseball promotion. Who wouldn't want a miniature, bobbling version of a quirky local figure?
  5. Did you get your very own bobbling Toastman? Do you have a special place for him on your desk or your nightstand?
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  7. Candace Nelson loves her Toastman Bobble Arm.
  8. May toast be thrown for many years to come. Thank you for making our community quirky, Mr. Blackstone.
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