West Virginia inauguration

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin's second inauguration was a feat of pageantry at the West Virginia Capitol. Reaction, photos and analysis:

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  1. This is the way it looked before the event began. Lots of effort went into making West Virginia's Capitol shine. But one thing planners could not control was the chill in the air and the gray sky.
  2. Why yes, it was. So cold that there were specially-made blankets.
  3. The Capitol grounds soon filled -- aided by the large crowd of dignitaries.
  4. Personal fashion was a big part of the public event.
  5. The event was a showcase of West Virginia political figures, and most received a warm welcome -- particularly Sen. Jay Rockefeller, who recently announced he would not run for re-election in 2014.
  6. There were not only prominent political figures -- but regular people helping to make the event special.