I-77 re-opens with amazing speed. Here's how it happened

With Interstate 77 crumbling and impassable after a massive gas fire, crews from West Virginia Paving and the West Virginia Department of Transportation went to work. Here's the miracle they pulled off overnight.


  1. From a layman's perspective, this job did not look easy. The gas fire scorched a big swath of Interstate 77.
  2. It left the highway a crumbled mess.
  3. Nevertheless, crews did not seem daunted.
  4. A lot of asphalt went into the repairs:
  5. The work was done under big lights.
  6. And then there was a delay for safety's sake. But it didn't cost as much time as originally anticipated.
  7. The effort brought out the best in people.
  8. Progress was steady through the night.