1. This was the last week at the Charleston Daily Mail for business editor Jared Hunt, who was admired for his sense of humor, his grace under pressure, his effortless writing style and his broad knowledge. Staffers documented his departure. He's headed to a job as spokesman for the state Attorney General's office.
  2. Much of the documentation was done by managing editor Philip Maramba, who has a unique, weird and slightly stalker-y vantage point between the double screens of a computer.
  3. We sent Jared off with some jokes -- mainly about his (lack of) punctuality -- and some gifts. I made something that resembled a speech. Toastmasters, I'm all yours.
  4. Here I appear to be considering alternate endings for Jared.
  5. For his part, Jared made a short speech about the value of joining the company's 401(k). This was a point made by my predecessor, editor Nanya Friend, as she left the paper. Jared followed in her footsteps, extolling the virtues of compound interest.
  6. Then we ate. It was an excuse for an Italian feast.
  7. After that, it was time for just a little more work.
  8. And then departure. Goodbye JaredWV!
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